World Childrens Cancer Winners Games 2013

Gift of Life is proud to welcome friends, spectators and all those who care to the IV World Children's Winners' Games, an athletic competition for childhood cancer survivors.

The idea of bringing together children who have recovered from childhood cancer at an athletic event was conceived several years ago. The first International Olympic competition for childhood cancer survivors took place in Warsaw, Poland, in 2007. 200 children from Poland, Ukraine, and Belorussia participated in that athletic event. 7 young athletes represented Russia; they won three gold medals in long jumps, discus and running; they also came third in two other disciplines. This international athletic event demonstrated that athletics can restore the feeling of equality for these children, make their lives bright again; encouraging their competitive spirit and desire to win made young athletes brave and strong.

In 2010 the first World Children’s Winners’ Games took place in Moscow. The Games were organized by the non-profit organization Grant A Life and the soccer club Locomotive and were held at the Locomotive Stadium. Moscow welcomed 200 children 7 – 16 years of age from Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia, Poland, Armenia, Latvia, Romania, and Hungary. During two days of June 14 – 15, young athletes competed in individual and team events at the athletic facilities of the Locomotive Stadium.

The Winners' Games are more than a mere athletic event. They are a celebration for those children who have won their main victory over illness. The first Winners' Games opened on June 14th for a reason: June 14th is the International Donors' Day. Help from donors of all kinds is essential in a battle with life threatening diseases.

“Winning is not the main thing!” - taking part in a competition is just as important. A lot of people would argue about this saying but not our young athletes. The greatest accomplishment and glory for them is the ability to feel free, to move around, to do sports. They have been deprived of these abilities for such a long time during their treatment. All our young participants had to faced a life-threatening disease at some point in their lives - the disease took a toll on their own lives and on the lives of their families. Now all that is behind them; these children have completed their treatment and they have their whole life ahead of them.

Our (and your) task now is to help them with their psychological and social adaptation.

Our goal is to support these children, to help them get back to the life they knew before their long battle with their illness - the life full of joy and laughter.

When: June 14 - 16, 2013

Where: CSKA Staduim, 39 Leningradsky Prospect, Moscow

Free admission!


June 14, Friday

12.00-13.00 Opening Ceremony.

13.00-17.00 Running and table tennis competitions.

June 15, Saturday

12.00-18.00 Shooting and swimming competitions.

June 16, Sunday

12.00-17.00 Chess and football competitions.

19.00-21.00 Closing Ceremony and сoncert


11.00-18.00 Arts and crafts: drawing and painting, cartoon making, clay work and pottery; trampolines, fun rides, games with activity leaders and athletic games for guests and spectators.

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