Volcano Gorely

Gorely volcano is located in Southern Kamchatka, about 75 km SW of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. It is the most active volcano in southern Kamchatka.


Burnt Ridge (Горелый Хребет) - the full name of the volcano in Kamchatka. It best reflects the structure of its modern construction, which is extended in terms of the west-north-westerly direction. This is a typical volcano caldera volcano. It is located in a vast caldera collapse of 10 x 13 km, the top of which is crowned by an ancient shield volcano. Modern building up of three series to form cones. Their slopes are about 40 side breakthroughs with cinder cones of various sizes.


The absolute height of the volcano - 1829 meters at its peak, there were 11 craters, the edges of many of them cross each other and create a very intricate pattern. Craters, in which there were historical eruptions have kolodtseobraznoe structure and filled with acidic lakes. In the NW sector of the lake hot and beat numerous fumaroles of the crater walls and on the lake.

It is possible to make a hiking on the volcano Gorely. Also possible to organize heliskiing.

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Address: Kamchatka Krai, Елизовский район, Дорога на Асачинский рудник
Coordinates: 52.557516268516; 158.036785125732
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