Underwater Museum in the Tver quarry

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Each diving club that comes in Tver brings another underwater museum exhibit. Locals flooded motorcycle "Ural", for memories, they stuck to it their photos.

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Tver quarry is one of the training grounds for novice divers. Interestingly, at the bottom of the reservoir, as in a museum, there are dozens of things have served their time. We offer a selection of interesting photos from this training ground.

Office under the water: this computer and other office equipment divers drowned themselves.

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Careers in the Tver region for ten years was used for training dives and beginners boring dive to the bottom of the desert.

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Dive in the Tver region, divers come from all over the country. Sandy beaches, easy descent and clear water - ideal conditions for training dives.

Dropped into the water cars and computers eventually turned into artificial reefs. Not to harm the environment, divers always advance poured gasoline and oil from the machines.

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For ten years, the water in the quarry has become much cleaner. All thanks to the small bivalve shells, stuck to objects. They filter the water.

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On the birthday of Jacques-Yves Cousteau on the banks of the Tver career is going up to 60 diving clubs.

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Car Moskvich 401 - the first exhibit of underwater "museum".

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On some machines holidays divers dressed up like Christmas trees.

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Address: Tver Oblast, городской округ Тверь, Tver, Саватьевское шоссе
Coordinates: 56.84688; 36.004318
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