Underground Museum of Permafrost

Want to see 36,000 years old treas? Visit the antic Earth? Merry in the ice?


Underground laboratory and museum of the permafrost are opened for visit in the Krasnoyarsk region. The temperature inside is constant and equal to -5 C. This is the optimal temperature to save the frozen cave in the natural conditions. It is also comfortable for visitors.


The layer of ice is clearly visible in a clay soil dungeon. Burial of larches age about 36,000 years can be considered directly in slices of walls. It became a tradition to exhibit a collection of ice samples from a unique outcrop Ice Mountain, age about 50,000 years. Specialists are still surprised by the fact that cave with a temperature of soils close to zero, annually hosts a large number of people and it does not melt. In 1950 a capsule with newspapers was placed for the long-term storage in one of halls of the museum. Permafrost scientists drew up a report indicating that this scientific experiment to document storage in permafrost will last until 2045.

In 1930 in Igarka the first permafrost scientific laboratory was opened, and in 1931 - Igarka Permafrost Research Station (INIMS), Siberian Branch of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR. Until now, it has been preserved in Igarka, however, became known as the Igarka geocryological laboratory. Underground Laboratory INIMS was developed to research the permafrost. In order to study its physical and mechanical properties, the bearing capacity of soil, it was needed a constant negative temperature for years. To do this, devices and conducted scientific experiments and observations took place in the underground laboratory.


In 1965, in one of the chambers the underground museum was created. The idea of ​​creating such a museum expressed was by Mikhail Sumgin - the beginner of the Soviet Permafrost science, author of numerous scientific papers and the first textbook for students of the Moscow State University of Permafrost. For the first time in "The permafrost soils in the USSR", he summarized data on the distribution and causes of permafrost, defined the objectives of permafrost as an independent science. Sumgin always believed that to keep the existing forms of animals and plants for centuries can be only possible in the permafrost. For visitors five main exhibitions are opened. But also it is possible to organize special events. For example, some couples chose to celebrate their marriage in the ice.

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Sources of information: 10russia.ru and igarka-permafrostmuseum.ru

Price for all five expositions: around 10 euro

Hours: daily 9:00 - 17:00 except of Saturday

Address: 663200 Krasnoyarsk, town Igarka, st. B. Teatra, 15-a tel/fax: 8 (39 172) 2-30-11, 8 (39 172) 2-29-95, 8 (39172) 2-27-44 (director)

E-mail: mvm_igarka at mail.ru

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Coordinates: 67.466723; 86.581361
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