Tweed Run 2013 in Saint-Petersburg

Second retro bike ride 'Tweed Run' will be held in St. Petersburg.

"Tweed Run" is a unique for Russia bike ride on the retro-bikes with elements of historical reconstruction.

Costumes of cyclists are made in accordance with the classic "tweed" style of the 1920s and 40s.

Different bikes can be seen during the run: big wheels penny-farthings, handmade, rarities from XIX-XX centuries and of course modern city bikes.

Members of the British royal family expressed a desire to ride with retro cyclists.

The first Tweed Run in Russia took place in St. Petersburg at 2012. About 350 people participated, including guests from different countries: Great Britain, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy and Sweden.

The event is organized by city bicycle club velopiter and "Velosipedizatsiya St. Petersburg".

When: 01.03.2013 start at 12-00
Where: start Isskustv square Promenade des Anglais - Annunciation Bridge - Lieutenant Schmidt Embankment - Arrow IN - Petrograd Side - Trinity Bridge - and Summer Garden.

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