The State Museum-Reserve "Gatchina"

The large Imperial Palace attracts the attention of visitors to its greatness and perfection.

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Who needs nice monumental constructions, that do not touch souls? The State Museum-Reserve "Gatchina"  is not a such place. Any works created by persons, who have invested to them a part of their soul, must be accessible for other people. This museum brings a joy and a delight to visitors through immersion in the era of chivalry and elegance, when our emperors lived.

Various events are held by the employees of a museum, to attract people. They hold dramatized performances, programs for attracting children to arts, open-air symphony concerts. The international festival "Night of Music in Gatchina" was July, 6.

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The scene was located on the surface of the water of White Lake  in front of the palace. The large Imperial Palace attracts the attention of visitors to its greatness and perfection. The construction of the palace began by empress Catherine II in 1766, and lasted for 15 years.

The architect was Antonio Rinaldi. Later, Paul I  - the son of Catherine II rebuilt the palace as a medieval castle. He completed construction of the castle, adding to it towers, a defense wall and a moat. After visiting the Gatchina Palace, people wrote about their impressions on the forums. -A wonderful place with amazing nature.

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-The palace is interesting. A palace fascinated us.

-The stories about the life of the royal couple immersed us to the atmosphere of the time of their life.

-We began to feel the nearness of history, as if layers of time were laid together into a neat row...

-The park is lovely.

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-On the shore of the lake are picturesque bridges, ducks swim important.

-A Palace is nice. It is partly renovated. It is interesting to see from what materials palaces are made.

-We liked an underground passage, that had allowed inhabitants of the palace to escape from the palace, to get on the ship, in the event of danger.

-Gatchina Palace looks like a medieval castle.

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The dramatized performances are held at the museum. Such as "An audience with the Emperor Paul I".

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During the perfomance spectators are immersed in that era. You'll have an excursion to the interiors of the palace. You'll listen to musicians of the palace.

You'll have "An audience with the Emperor Paul I".

The next performance is " At the residence of Emperor Paul".

You’ll visit the majestic Gatchina Palace, the palace park. You’ll learn about magnificent dinners of that time. The dishes will be the same, that Emperor Paul liked. You’ll listen to the singing a beautiful Dame.

One of the finest collections of antique weapons in Russia is in the Gatchina Palace.

The collection has more than 1000 items of firearms and bladed weapons XVI-XIX centuries.

Every year, in May,graduation parties for children from kindergartens are held in the Gatchina Palace.

Gatchinsky ensemble is known for its art of landscape. For the first time in Russia, English Garden was founded by Johann Bush, who was the landscape architect,specially invited, on the banks of White Lake and Silver Lake.

A boat tour "On the surface of lakes of the park". During a water excursion travelers will see the architectural monuments. You will have a good time, if you visit the Gatchinsky Palace.

Guided tours and Excursions:

Sightseeing tour of a palace.  The tour includes an overview of exhibitions and the apartments of the state property,that located in the Central Block, the private Chapel and the underground passage. The tour lasts 1.5 hour.

Tour to the Park of the Palace.  1,5 hour tour includes visits to the Private Garden, the Venus Pavilion and the Birch House.

Sightseeing tour of the Priory Palace.  The Priory Palace is Gatchina’s landmark. This unique structure was conceived by the architect Nikolay Lvov for the knights of the Maltese order and constructed in 1799 of rammed earth. The Museum offers a tour devoted to the history of the palace, the history of Maltese order and about the techniques of construction by the architect Lvov. Scale models are displayed here.

The Family Members of the Emperor Alexander III in Gatchina  The exhibition of the memorabilia items, of the family members of Emperor Alexander III in Gatchina, their private rooms are located in the wing of the Arsenal of the Palace. The exhibition focuses on the life of the tsar’s family in Gatchina Palace. The tour lasts 1 hour.

The Signal Tower  You will have a chance to climb up to the viewing platform to see a bird’s-eye view the town. You will also see a unique exhibit which is displayed there. The tour lasts 45 minutes.

The Palace of the Two Emperors  The tour includes: an overview of exhibitions, the apartments of the state property,that located in the Central Block, the exhibition of the memorabilia items, of the family members of Emperor Alexander III in Gatchina,and an underground passage. The tour lasts 2 hours. Boat tours on the smooth waters of the lakes of the park. This tour gives you an opportunity to view the Palace from an unusual angle, from the surface of the White Lake. Duration 1,5 hours.

Individual Tours  If you would like to make a proposal to visit the palace in the unusual setting or just to explore the palace away from tourist groups, call us at +7(81371)20041 and our staff will develop the most fascinating and romantic tours for you. For more information please visit the excursion page on official website (English).

Practical information:

Address: 188300, Leningrad region, Gatchina, Krasnoarmeyskiy prospekt, d.1

Coordinates: 59.563158,30.106781

"How to get to Gatchina museum: The Gatchina Palace is located 45 km southwest of Saint-Petersburg.

  1. by bus  18, 18A or 431 from metro "Moskovskaya"(ask the driver to stop close to the museum. These buses stop by request, not only on official bus stops). One way price is 70 RUB. You need to buy ticket in the bus, pay to the driver. One way trip will take 40-60 mins (longer if traffic jams).
  2. by local train from Baltiysky Railway station ( metro station "Baltiyskaya" ). Take a train to the direction Gatchina- Baltiyskaya  (there are two railway stations in Gatchina). Buy a ticket in a railway cash department. Trips will take 1 hour 10 mins.
  3. by car to the Kiev highway  (Kievskoye shosse, Киевское шоссе) going through the town of Gatchina and follow signs to the Museum. Around 40 mins.

Working hours: daily 11.00 - 19.00, you can buy tickets till 18.00. The museum closed on the first Tuesday of each month. Price: check and buy ticket in the ticket shop (English) on the official website.

Phone: administrator - 007 (812) 958 0366, excursions - 007 (81371) 93 492, 007 (81371) 76 715.

Sources: Official website of Gatchina palace (English version),, 


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Address: г. Гатчина, ул. Красноармейский, д. 1
Coordinates: 59.563337; 30.105968
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