Thank you

We want to say 'THANK YOU' to our friends who have helped or are still helping us:

Permanent project team:

  1. Daria Kurochkina - founder, software developer.

  2. Alexander Slabukh - software developer, language module, maps.

  3. Andrey Neprokin - software developer, DB.

  4. Alexander Popov - software developer, translation module.

  5. Andrey Kozlov - cool designer, thank you for the logo and design tips :)


  1. Project "Окно в Россию" (Window to Russia) and Nadezhda Shirinskaya - for the interest to our project and the interview.

Talented authors, designers and photographers:

  1. Anastasia Zhukova - author, writing cool useful articles!

  2. Roman Vezenin - photographer, allows us to use his photos of Saint-Petersburg in our articles.

  3. Stanislav Kocúr (Slovakia) - helps us a lot with the information about spared inhabited places. He knows more than many Russians!

  4. Ludmila Dorohova - author from Samara, writes interesting articles with a lot of English letters :))

Also thank you:

  1. Aliya Ibragimova - thank you for usability overview and new version of article creation page.

  2. Mikhail Dmitriev - thank you for legal consultation about pictures.

If you want to join project or support us in any way - we still have a lot of space on this page to say THANK YOU to you! :)))

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