St. Petersburg Roof Music Fest

Music in the air. Concert on the roof.

St. Petersburg Roof Music Fest

St. Petersburg is creative and cultural city. It is famous by its music concert and parties. But Unknown St. Petersburg is also romantic roofs with spectacular views from them.

It is popular especially among young people to explorer roofs, see sunsets and sunrises from them, look on the sleeping city, and even date and marriage there. Visitors of the city can also find some roofs excursions (ask us for more details).

St. Petersburg Roof Music Fest

This summer, the roof music festival will be launched. From May to August, there will be concerts of different musical styles on comfortable and equipped rooftops of the city.

RoofMusicFest is:

  • stunning views of the city

  • the best bands

  • delicious drinks

  • amazing atmosphere

  • new and interesting holiday

  • opportunity to enjoy the music not in the clubs and bars, but in the open air, and over the city.

St. Petersburg Roof Music Fest

Welcome to roofs of St. Petersburg

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