Scarlet Sails 2013

The sailing ship with scarlet sails is a symbol of execution of all desires.

Scarlet Sails 2013

Children of Russia go to school for ten years. Then they pass the Unified State Exam (USE), by the results of which, they are eligible for admission to any university in the country. Then graduation parties are held in all the cities and villages of our country.

Scarlet Sails 2013

700,000 young men and women from Russia had graduated from school In 2013. The holiday was held June,23 2013.

Scarlet Sails 2013

The best graduates had arrived to the Kremlin Palace, that located in the residence of the Russian President in Moscow, to take part in the graduation party.

Scarlet Sails 2013

The President delivered a greeting speech before graduates. He congratulated them and wished them good luck in their future life.

But that day, it was not a word about science.It was the time to have fun, to win awards and, of course, to make a wish.

Scarlet Sails 2013

The other graduates took part in a holiday, that held in Red Square, in Gorky Park and in the other areas of Moscow.

Scarlet Sails 2013

Girls had been dressed in elegant dresses, young men - in suits. After that they had a concert

and a spectacular show.

In St. Petersburg at the Palace Square was held the graduation party. It is the largest and most popular holiday among residents and visitors of the city

Everything that happened on the stage was broadcasted on 15 huge screens. The performances alternated, with rewarding the best graduates.

Scarlet Sails 2013

They took part in the intellectual competition called "Creative class" among one thousand graduates from 12 towns of Russia.

Participants competed in contest of math. They performed tasks on erudition and literacy, attention and observation, memory and coordination.

Scarlet Sails 2013

The ceremony of awarding of the best 10 participants was held, at the Palace Square.

Everyone recieved a cash prize of 300 000 rub(10 thousand dollars) for further learning.

Scarlet Sails 2013

Then there was a concert with leading Russian, and foreign singers.

And late at night the huge sailing ship with Scarlet Sails, had floated before graduates along the river Neva.

Then there was a magnificent fireworks.

Everyone in our country read the book “Scarlet Sails”, by Alexander Grin.

The main character is a poor little girl. Scarlet Sails 2013

She has a dream to meet a handsome rich young man, who would arrive on the sailing ship with scarlet sails.

He would have loved her and would take her with him.

In the end her dream came true.

Scarlet Sails 2013

Therefore, the sailing ship with scarlet sails, is a symbol of execution of all desires.

Video. here

Soruces: by O.Prudnikova).

photos by Yandolin R, P. Dolganov.

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