Russia and Bosnia and Herzegovina plan to sign an agreement on visa-free travel

In the nearest future citizens of Russia and Bosnia and Herzegovina will not need a visa to visit each others' country.

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The decision to sight an agreement on visa-free travel was made in Moscow on March 22 during the meeting with Rosturizm chief Alexander Radkov, Bosnian and Herzegovinian Environment and Tourism Minister Branka Djuric and Ambassador to Russia Ivan Barbalic.

The agreement presumes that people having foreign travel documents could visit each other’s country visa-free for 30 days within each period of 60 days, starting from the date of the first entry.nThe parties expressed a common opinion that their mutual tourist potential has not been fully realized. They also agreed that the two countries could promote their tourism cooperation through advertising their national travel products and liberalizing visa regulations.(Interfax)

Also in the nearest future the direct flight between Moscow and Sarajevo will be started.

Source: Interfax, Russian Federal Tourism Agency (Rosturizm)

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