Pulkovo airport in Saint-Petersburg

Information about two terminals of Pulkovo airport in Saint-Petersburg. How to get, parking, transfer, buses, accessibility, taxi.

St. Petersburg has one airport Pulkovo but two terminals: Pulkovo-1 and Pulkovo-2.


This terminal operates mainly with domestic flights (within Russia) and some international flights. The terminal is located in 18 km south of the center of St-Petersburg.



interactive map of the terminal
Phone: +7 (812) 704 38 22
Address: 196189, St. Petersburg, Pulkovskoye chaussee, 41 A 
(196189, Санкт-Петербург, Пулковское шоссе, д. 41, лит А.)
The inquiry desk: central part of the terminal, 1st floor, domestic flight departure zone.

How to get

From / to the terminal Pulkovo-1 you can get by taxi or by city bus No. 39 and minibus (shuttle bus, 'marshrutka') No. K-39.

Pulkovo-1 shuttle bus K-39

From the city: metro station Moskovskaya (blue line). This station has 2 exits. The correct one is marked by red and yellow sign Airport. In order to chose correct side of the road please note that bus stop to airport at side where McDonald's is.

From the airport: opposite of the exit from the arrival hall No. 1 (ground floor of the terminal).

Timetable: from 5.30 a.m. till 01.30 a.m every 12-20 minutes. The trip takes 30-35 minutes.

Price: No.39 is 25 RUB (less then 1 USD), No. K-39 is 35 RUB (a bit more 1 USD). If you have a huge luggage than you may be asked to pay for it as for an extra place (25 or 35 RUB).


Short-term parking (600 places): 1 hour - 100 RUB (around 3 USD)
Long-term parking (400 places): 24 hours - 350 RUB (around 11 USD)
Refund for loss of parking ticket: 1 unit - 2 000 RUB (around 65 USD)
Free non-guarded parking (350 places)


This terminal operates only with international flights.



interactive map of the terminal
Phone: +7 (812) 704 34 44
Address: St. 196210, Petersburg, Startovaya Str, 17 (196210, Санкт-Петербург, ул Стартовая, д. 17)
The inquiry desk - the ground floor of arrivals and departures halls.

How to get

From / to this terminal you can get by taxi, public bus(avtobus, автобус) K-13 or minibus (shuttle bus, marshrutka, марштрутка) K-213.

Pulkovo bus k-13

From the city: both buses go from metro station Sennaya. The bus stop of if K-13 right across the road. The bus stop of k-213 is located on Moscovskiy prospekt. Buses go along all the Moskovskiy prospekt and you can catch it at any other metro station from Sennaya upto Moskovskaya (blue line).

From the airport: there are two bus stops under the sign "BUS". From the which is closer to arrivals terminal the bus goes to the city center. From the bus stop which closer to departure terminal - to Aviagorodok (you don't need to go there). Ask in the bus 'metro Moscovskaiya?).

Timetable of K-13: from 5:40 AM week-days / 6:00 AM week-ends till 0:47 AM.

Price: 35 RUB for the single journey. + 35 RUB if you have a big luggage.


Single-use parking ticket
- for cars (up to 8 seats) 1 hour - 100 RUB
- for buses and cargo transport 1 hour - 200 RUB

Multi-use parking ticket
- for cars (up to 8 seats) 1 quarter - 10 676,50 RUB
- for buses and cargo transport 1 quarter - 21 535 RUB

Expendable parking ticket with operation life limit (up to 70 days)
- for cars (up to 8 seats) 1 quarter - 7 000 RUB

Refund for loss of parking ticket
- single-use parking ticket 1 unit - 2 000 RUB
- multi-use parking ticket 1 unit - 600 RUB

Free non-guarded parking with 136 places.

Both terminals

The distance between both terminals is around 1 km but it is not possible to walk between them. To get from one to another one passengers can use free shuttle service. It is necessary to request this service in the Transfer Agent desk which is located in the arrival areas of both terminals. The shuttle will pick you are in 10-15 mins after request.


High speed wireless Internet of Pulkovo airport is available in both terminals. No login / password are needed.

Special services

Airport Pulkovo offers special services for passengers with kids, passengers with limited abilities and unaccompanied minors.


Pulkovo-1: per taxi prices varies from 600 upto 2500 rubbles.(depends from time of the day and departure/destination within city area). Price have to be negotiated with the taxi driver before departure. If you think that the price is too high - go to another taxi driver and offer less price. There is high chance that one of drivers will accept it.

Pulkovo-2: per taxi prices varies from 700 RUB upto 2500 RUB.

Note: During the night the only possibility to get to both airport it's taxi, here's some telephone numbers: +7 (812) 700-0000, +7 (812) 600-0000 (no English). Booking taxi: information on pulkovo website

Car rental

In arrival halls of both terminals three companies are presented: AVIS, HERTZ, and SIXT.


Below you can find some Russian airlines:
- Aeroflot
- GTK Rossiya

And also some not expensive one:
- Sky Express
- S7
- Transaero

For sure there're also lots of other international airlines who fly to Russia. In order to find cheap flights better to use searches like below:
- http://www.skyscanner.com
- http://www.amagro.com
- http://www.momondo.com

White nights

Also keep in mind that if you decide to visit White nights in Saint-Petersburg then you may find that most of the flights are quite expensive during that time. Due to the White Nights all direct flights usually cost a lot more then in any other time of the year but here can be done a trick. You can buy ticket till Moscow which is only 1 hour on plane away and then transfer to Saint-Petersburg flight. It helps to save almost up to 100-300 euro per person.

Also it's better to buy tickets a lot ahead or during sales that also can help to save some money.

But be careful with airports of arrival! There are 3 main airports in Moscow which are in 4-6 hours away from each other by different types of transport and if that's your first trip to Russia that would be really difficult to work out how to get to another one. The easiest way is to buy ticket till/from the same airport.

Also same trick can be done via any other nearest airport like: Helsinki (Vantaa), Lappenranta, Tampere, Riga, Tallinn, Vilnus.

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