New stars of Internet

Their video clip is the most popular in Youtube.

New stars of Internet

Do you sing in the morning? Probably all of them sing. Someone sings in the shower, someone on the way to work, someone with happiness...

The songs and poems in our lives matter more than we think.

We write poems to someone. We listen to music.

When a person is singing - he lives! It does not matter, whether he is poor or rich, young or old.

New stars of Internet

In a large country, each person has their own little nook- village, street, house, where he was born. It is his little homeland. Our great Motherland consists of these little nooks.

Zoya and Valera are brother and sister, that live in such a small Belarusian village near Brest. (Belarus, in which many Russian people live, is a former republic of the Soviet Union).

They are simple rural residents, retirees who loves sing Russian songs from the heart.

Watch video:here

New stars of Internet

Their video clip is the most popular in Youtube.

New stars of Internet

They are known the whole country. They are new stars of Internet.

And it all began with the fact,that their relative showed a videoclip in Internet, with a song, performed by Zoya and Valera.

And the next day they woke up famous.

video: here

But they are poor people. They did not have money for a computer and a video camera to record their songs and place them in the Internet.

Their fans from the network raised money for a laptop and a video camera. And now they delight their fans by a performance of new songs.

video: here

New stars of Internet

Excerpts from the forum:

-What a duo! These voices have a miracle on a simple kitchen. Soulful voice goes straight from the heart! God give you health!

-Listening to you, I remembered singing of our parents. Thank you.

-What pleasure from singing rural residents.

-Here it is the power of folk art!

-Russian soul is still alive!

-Ah yes, they are well done! How, I longed for these songs!

It is our real art. When Zoya sings a song from a heart, our souls respond gratefully to her singing. Thank you!

VIDEO: here

New stars of Internet

No wonder that our soul soars to heaven, listening to such songs, leaving the problems, pain, anxiety, envy, pride...

All the things, which we do not need for happiness, are becoming, so far away from us...

One more video:here

Sources:,, video by E. Tarasova, Denis Levichev

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