New Russian fighter T-50

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Quite, fast, powerful - new Russian fighter T-50.

New Russian fighter T-50

Russian multi-role fighter of the fifth generation, developed by a division of the United Aircraft Corporation - Sukhoi, where it passes under the designation T-50.

Most of the information about the PAK FA is sensitive. For this reason known only to approximate characteristics of the aircraft. Along the wing span and the length of the T-50 more F-22, but less than the Su-27. By weight, probably refers to the heavy class fighters, similar to the Su-27. The aircraft meets all the requirements for the fighter of the fifth generation is built using stealth technology, is developing a supersonic speed without afterburner, is able to maneuver with large congestion is equipped with advanced electronics and multifunctional.

Video with a lot of information

Video of two fighters in the sky

Video from Russian news on 13.07.2013

Modification : T-50
Maximum speed, km/h : 2,500
Cruising speed, km/h : 1,300-1,800
Range, km
   at supersonic speeds : 1,850 - 2,100
   without refueling : 3,600-4,400
   with refueling : 5,500
Service ceiling : 20,000 m
Crew : 1 pilot

Export version is called FGFA (born Fifth-Generation Fighter Aircraft).

New Russian fighter T-50

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