New cable car in Sheregesh

In October 2013 the new cable car will be finished and ready for upcoming winter season.

For ski resorts summer period is a time for repairing and rechecking of all equipment and systems. Sheregesh resort are not an exception. During the summer on the mountain Zelenaia (Green) the renovation and maintenance of the cable cars for the new season are held.

There is also a present for snow sports lovers: from the foot of the mountains in the sector A (near the lower station BKD39) in the side of the mountain Mustag up a steep section of the route "dollar" has begun construction of a new 4-seater chairlift.

commissioning of a new lift is scheduled in October 2013 is also being built for the chair lift is preparing a new route, characteristics of the route interested beginners and riders having an average level of riding.

If you are not a Siberian, you will probably have the only single reason to go to Sheregesh; the local snow, which is unique. Starting from the beginning of November until the beginning of March there's at least 1 m of high quality snow. The local powder is dry and fast and is considered to be the best snow in Russia. However, the snowboarders who decide to go to Sheregesh have to survive an 8-hour long way from Moscow to Sheregesh, the famous Siberian frost, and lack of apres ski. (


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