First trans-Russia and Siberia Rock Climbing Expedition 03-10 2015

Climb and explore Siberia- the Land of Beauty!

First trans-Russia and Siberia Rock Climbing Expedition 03-10 2015

We are happy to present you a First trans-Russia and Siberia Rock Climbing Expedition 03-10 2015. Unknown Russia is one of the informational partners of the expedition.

The choice for the first expedition was obvious: Russia, the largest country on earth, and its underexplored for rock climbing Siberia - the Land of Beauty! There are many mountain ranges in Russia, and in Siberia, there is plenty of well established rock climbing sites and there are plenty of those yet to be developed.


The expedition will have 20 000 km to cover! The expedition is to explore new destinations and also the most popular rock climbing crags in the whole of Russia. The most of interest will be the unexplored for rock climbing sites in SIBERIA.

Saint-Petersburg – Krasnodar – Caucasus mountains - Elbrus – Samara - Ural – Ekaterinburg - Altai Golden Mountains – Mongolia - Western Sayans - Kuznetsk Alatau - Irkutsk – Yakutsk - Magadan

First trans-Russia and Siberia Rock Climbing Expedition 03-10 2015

The truck we intend to purchase, will probably be an all wheel drive 8x8 former military truck with adapted for the truck container made in Sweden.


We invite keen rock climbers of the world, experienced and the beginners, to join our expedition to climb established and set new routes on the rocks of RUSSIA and SIBERIA.


The estimated cost for one person for one month on the expedition should be between US$1350.00-1500.00, regardless how long one participates in the Expedition. The fee shall cover such costs as employing expedition staff and its general and daily costs, running the truck, accommodation fees (hostels and camping fees), park/museums entrance fees, emergency money, all day food. Any after costs excess money will be returned to participants. Please notice that this intends to be Not for Profit Expedition, it will be simply run at the cost.

The fees will not cover: getting to and from The Expedition (air fares, etc.), insurance fees, visa costs, costs of any personal equipment, purchase of souvenirs, costs of drinks including Molotov cocktails, night clubs entries, etc.

The average participation of 14 to 15 members throughout The Expedition is necessary for economical realisation of The Expedition. As it is being prepared for YOU, the potential participant, please seriously consider when booking Your place, if in case of "not full load" You would be prepared to pay more to support organization of The Expedition.

The successful execution of The Expedition will happen only if there will be enough finances to support it.

Food and accomodation

Food preparation, cooking, shall be carried out by expedition members in an arranged way for the whole group. Daily budget of US$5.00 for three meals per day per person is proposed. The necessary equipment for food storage, preparation and cooking, crockery and cutlery, tables and chairs shall be part of equipment on the truck.

The luxury of a good sleep during the expedition will be offered generally in Your own tent; at camping sites coming the expedition way, some nicely equipped, but most set in the wild. In towns we may enjoy accommodation under a roof.


All information:


Mobile: +48784123872

Skype: adkom2008

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