First in history live broadcast of the ballet in 3D

Want to see on of the best ballets in the World in cinema? Mariinsky Theater is coming to your city in 3D.

Swan lake 3D Mariinsky Theater Saint-Petersburg

Saint-Petersburg is very famous by its ballet traditions. One of the best collective and theaters of the world can be seen there.

But what to do if you live very far and can not visit a consent?

6th of June at 21:30, Mariinsky Theater will begin the first-ever live broadcast of ballet in 3D format. It will be hold as a part of the festival "Stars of the White Nights".

Ballet fans from 50 countries, including Russia, will be able to see the legendary Ballet "Swan Lake" on the screens of 1200 cinemas all around the world.

Also the translation of the ballet will be projected on walls of the theater Mariinsky-2.

Swan lake 3D Mariinsky Theater Saint-Petersburg

The translation will be realized by the British company Glass Slipper Live Events, created by Lorna Dickinson and Anne McGuire, who has engaged in translations performances with Michael Jackson, Elizabeth Taylor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and JK Rowling.

For the 3D-effect cameras should be places as close as possible to the dancers. Four cameras will put directly in front of the stage, one will be located in the royal box. Another unit will fly on tap, and the two will be placed in different locations of the hall.

The main roles will be performed Catherine Kondaurova Timur Asgerov, Andrey Ermakov. The conductor is Valery Gergiev.

You can check locations of performance and buy tickets here.

Swan lake 3D Mariinsky Theater Saint-Petersburg

Swan lake 3D Mariinsky Theater Saint-Petersburg

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