Equestrian Festival "MandroKon"


On June 29th at 12:00am

The grand Equestrian Festival will be held in late June in the Leningrad region. Amazing stunts, folk songs and hot dances performed by the invited groups and guests of the festival itself. And the most spectacular: competitions horses of different breeds of ponies to the heavy draught horses.

heavy draught horses

Children can ride ponies and adults would have a chance to horseshoe on a unique master class. At the festival, you will see a show equestrian stunt group "Bagmut." Guys love to tickle the audience nerves, demonstrating unique stunts on horseback.


Admission: free Contacts: +7-812-3479404 (arrival must be reported in advance!) Location: Leningrad region, Podporozhsky district, the village of Upper Mandrogi

How to get there: By train: Station "Podporoje"

by car: Go to: 60°53'90N 33°49'19E Leave the city St Petersburg to Murmansk highway direction, at the 213th kilometer at the pointer to the Lodeynoye Pole keep going by the main road - to Murmansk (on the alternative road Lodeynoye Field). After 23 km, just past the bridge over the railway at the sign "Podporoje - 45 km", turn right onto Podporoje. On this stretch of road you are on the 21st kilometer see a signpost to the village. The road takes you to the left. After 10 km of dirt road you will come to inbound the barrier of the village.

Source: Saint-Petersburg Live

Author: Anastasia Zhukova

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