Emperors bikes museum in Peterhof

The museum is located in one of the oldest stone buildings of Peterhof, built in 1796. The collection includes only 12*bicycles but all of them belonged to Russian emperors and their children.


Collection is located in six exhibition halls and presents the history of the evolution of the bicycle from the early "Kostotryasa" (bones-shaker), created in 1867 in Paris for Emperor Alexander II to the three-wheels bicycle, made in England in the late XIX and owned by the prince Alexei. You can also see the famous bike "Spider" is familiar to all of the film "The Circus", a tandem bike, designed for two riders, bikes and baby grand dukes and duchesses.

The abundance of posters, photos and postcards with bicycle themes presented in the museum allows you to feel an interest in this new and unusual for the time sport. They show about fashion, seized all the circles of Russian society. In the windows you can see the rare stamps, playing cards, cufflinks, medals, ink and even stand for the knife, using the image of a cyclist.


Of particular interest are the cycling room, phone calls, a variety of lights and lots of genuine accessories cyclist at the time.

Price: around 3 USD

Phone: +7 (812) 450-52-87, +7 (812) 450-62-23

Location on the map

Address: г. Петергоф, ул. Разводная, д. 2
Coordinates: 59.883864; 29.905688
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