Diving in Orda cave

Ordinskaya or the Orda Cave is the most extended underwater cave in Russia, the second in Eurasia, with regards to length, and the world’s greatest gypsum cave.


Ordinskaya or the Orda Cave has status a of All-Russia natural monument. It is the first and the world only underwater gypsum excursion cave, member of I.S.C.A (Association of Excursion Caves of the World).

In 2008 Orda cave was applied to be included in the List of UNESCO World Natural Heritage. Unique beauty of Orda cave was marked by the world-famous British cave-diver, cave-diving instructor of the Royal court of Great Britain and Martyn Farr.

The cave is located in the western Urals region of Russia and consists of almost 5 kilometers (3 miles) of dramatic natural channels with water so clear divers can see over 45 meters (50 yards) ahead of them.


The Orda Cave starts with stalactites large halls, the approximate age of them is estimated as 10,000 years old. And then there are underground lakes and cave goes beneath the earth. The exact length of the underground tunnels are still not determined - they are all extensions of the variance in different directions. Indeed, The Orda Cave is a real miracle.


Divers who decided to dive into the maze of the Orda Cave tell about their experiences with great enthusiasm. Snow-white plaster walls and vaults and absolutely transparent water - all this creates the impression of unreality. One hall seamlessly flows into another one, it's time it's hard to make out what you already found himself in another room. There is no currents in the underwater halls. It is said that in a couple of thousand years the water can leave the cave and then everyone will be able to see this miracle.

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Coordinates: 57.181865, 56.887121

Address: village/town Orda, 10km from the road P242-Ekaterinburg-Perm-M7

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. http://ordacave.ru/




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Coordinates: 57.1818551214955; 56.8871212005615
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