Currency exchange in St. Petersburg

When you come to Russia the first important thing that you need to do is to get some rubles in cash. In this article we explain where to make exchange in St. Petersburg.

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Where to exchange currency?

  • in banks
  • in special currency exchange offices
  • in automated currency exchange machine
  • never, exchange money on the streets as most likely it's rogue and you will lose your money.

In the airport

In both terminals of airport Pulkovo travelers can exchange their money 24/7. Only exchange rate will be not the best in the city (as usually in the airport). Many ATM cash machines of Russian and International banks are also available.

In terminal 1:
  • the office of Sberbank (from 10:00 till 22:00);
  • automated currency exchange terminals;
  • exchange offices;
In terminal 2:
  • the office of Master-bank (from 01:10 till 23:20);
  • automated currency exchange terminals;
  • exchange offices;
At present, automated currency exchange terminals can:
  • give cash (Euro / USD / Euro);
  • accept cash (Euro / USD / Euro) and transfer them to the account of the client in real time;
  • purchase of foreign currency (USD / euros);
  • sale of foreign currency for rubles (USD / EUR);
  • transfer money from one credit card to another;
  • redeem coupons of any value.

In the train station and in the city

A lot of small currency exchange offices are available in the city (close to metro and train stations, sightseeing and hotels). The rate can be seen outside of the office and differ slightly from one office to another. Sometimes it is rate for the transaction with the big amount of cash (should be written in small numbers). We would not suggest to exchange big amount of money in small offices close to the train station. Better to do it in banks or in the big currency exchange centers.

The best place for the currency exchange in St. Petersburg is Currency Exchange Office Ligovsky:

  • accept credit cards
  • putting cash on the plastic cards of the bank "Avangard"
  • transferring money, using the system "Western Union"
  • there are separate closed cash cabins for special clients
  • special parking for clients
  • security outside and inside the building
  • a client can be accompanied to his/her car by one of our security guards
  • we can provide our client with special armored cars and security guards by agreement
  • possibility of the pre-booking of exact amount and exchange rate
  • bookings by phone are valid for 1 hour, or they can be prolonged, if the client wishes to and tells us beforehand. If the client does not turn up, the booking is closed, and the payment is done using the present currency
  • exchange rate usually the best in the city
  • commission only 20 rubles
  • exchange lots of different currencies
  • work hours: everyday, from 9-00 to 21-00, no break

First office is close to the Moskovsky railway station: Ligovskiy pereylok 2 (see on the map)

Second office is close to the metro and train station Udelnaya: Skoblevskiy prosperkt 12 (see on the map)

What is usually asked when you're coming:

  • if you made any pre-order of currency. It's not obligatory so you can come without no pre-order. But if you want to buy a big value of non rubles then it is better to make a pre-order due to be sure that necessary amount of cash will be available in the center.
  • second question they usually ask is which currency you want to exchange
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