City of aliens in the Western Sayan Mountains, Lake Light

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A huge mountain range in Siberia - Western Sayan. It was at this point in the Krasnoyarsk Territory is a mountain range that is called Erdan. Historians claim that this remote place holds many mysteries about the ancient civilization of extraterrestrial origin.

West Sayan - mountain system length of 650 km in the southern part of Siberia. Limited to the west ridge Shapshalskogo Eastern Altai and Kuznetsk Alatau mountain range Abakan. Stretches in the latitudinal direction of the strip, gradually decreasing from 200 to 80 km, from the upper reaches of the river Abakan to the junction with the ranges of the Eastern Sayan upstream Kazyr, Uda and Kizhi-Khem. From the north to the Western Sayan adjacent Minusinsk Basin, and from the south - Tuva Basin.

In these places create a huge dam. Who, and most importantly, how it has managed to build? Platinum was built thousands of years ago from the giant stones. Even today, the construction of such facilities in remote places so it is practically impossible to implement.

In the vicinity there is a mysterious ancient structures for powerful energy flows. There are people dying and vice versa completely restore their health. Can people use this energy for their own benefit? Locals say that it is impossible to travel lightly in these places, otherwise you can just die. It is worth saying that in these lands really killed a lot of people. Someone blames the weather, which is very strong and can vary dramatically, and someone hostile mountains.

Platinum "hung" a huge stone. According to the prophecy, until the stone is in place, humanity will thrive and grow, but what happens if the boulder will fall? What force keeps him in such a dangerous situation?

On the vast territory of Western Sayama is a unique natural park. In the mountains of the park there is a stone city, which was built by an unknown civilization. These buildings stagger the imagination, but in order to see them it is necessary to do the dangerous and difficult way. The ancient city is the most unusual mystery of the neighborhood.

At first, the path is "sleeper" - a stone Sayan. The shape of this mountain is very similar to the figure of a sleeping man. This huge "giant" Stone looks at the sky on the planet Mars.

Next big interest are perfectly aligned helicopter landing sites. However, at the time when the landing sites have appeared, people could only dream about flying in the sky. Who created these perfectly smooth surface? People, nature or alien civilization? Perhaps these sites were created for the unknown people flying technique?

One of the locals even managed to shoot on film the mysterious aircraft, hovering just above one of the landing sites. At closer look photos no doubt remains - it is really a flying saucer!

Currently, the mysterious city is very difficult to deliver even a large group of people. Whereas, with the help of some equipment delivered materials for the construction of monumental structures like a dam? Solid mystery and no single answer ...

Ancient alien city sits in a valley that is completely surrounded by mountains. Scientists believe that these ancient structures people simply could not create. In addition, absolutely everyone who is often in these places, feel the flow of energy and sometimes it is healing, and sometimes fatal. Strange is also the fact that in the vicinity of the ancient city there are no insects.

Maybe if we learned how to use energy correctly, our civilization has risen to a new level of development unattainable.

All who have seen with their own eyes the mysterious buildings, began to believe in the ancient legends and prophecies.


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