Cartoons on the Troitsky Bridge

For the first time in history two cities simultaneously will show cartoons on wings of drawn bridges during international art-forum graFFFest.

Cartoons on Bridge art-forum graFFFest

In the night from 19 to 20 July the wing of the Troitsky Bridge, addressed to the Hermitage, will turn into a giant screen. From the Palace Embankment, Suvorov Square, from the Summer Garden and the Champ de Mars, it will be possible to see cartoons from around the world.

Cartoons gathered Festival "Multivision" and his partner in the Netherlands - the festival "KLIK! Amsterdam".

Incidentally, the same thing will be broadcast in Amsterdam on the bridge Magere Brug.

In addition, there will be a teleconference between the audience here and there: the area near the bridges organize free Wi-Fi. So the Trinity Bridge turn into multimedia in all senses of the word.

Cartoons on Bridge art-forum graFFFest

The concept of screening animation and video art on drawn bridges was originally thought of and developed by the artist Svetlana Petrova and the Multivision Festival team. The screenings take place since 2007 at the drawbridges over the Neva River. The audience in Saint-Petersburg has come to love this unusual cultural undertaking, and now Amsterdam, where there are also some drawbridges, will be added as a destination for the event. This gigantic media-installation is, as is the case with many other digital compositions, upgraded every year. This year, it will take place at two points of the globe simultaneously, in St.Petersburg, Troitsky Bridge, and in Amsterdam, Magere Brug, with the two being connected by a telebridge. This hybrid of 2 physical and one virtual bridges has been called “Multi-Bridge”.

Video from the last year is here.

You can find the program of the festival on the official website of the international art-forum graFFFest. Photo and info also belongs to them.

Cartoons on Bridge art-forum graFFFest

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