Cape Stolbchaty

The volcano has created a giant mosaic on the shore of the Sea of Okhotsk. UNESCO World Heritage.

Igor Shpilenok

Cape Stolbchaty is located on the coast of the Sea of Okhotsk, on the Kunashir island and is inscribed in the UNESCO world heritage list as a natural monument.

Cape Stolbchaty is the most famous trail of a volcano, where the lava hits the surface through a huge crack. Cape consists of 5-and 6-sided columns of the correct form, or rather is the correct form, and they are perfectly matched to one another. They are composed of entire vertical wall. The height of the bars in some places reaches 50 meters.

Breed columns correctly divided both along and across. View from a height gives the opportunity to see a 6-sided prism of a certain length, which resemble modern paving slabs. 

Surprisingly, the two longitudinal cracks form and separately, the second - a 5-sided irregular! Sea waves leveled and polished surface of the platform and it created the illusion of paved flooring. In some places, preserved ruined single pillars that resemble the remains of the broken fence.

At the foot of the walls are polished bars, reminiscent of sawn wood.

Address: Cape Stolbchaty, Kunashir Island, Sakhalin Region


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Coordinates: 44.022261; 145.676651
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