About project Unknown Russia

About 23 millions of foreigners annually visit Russia. St. Petersburg, Moscow, Trans-Siberian magistral and perhaps a Golden Ring. Why do so many people know about vodka and corruption, and so few know about the Baikal lake, the Komi virgin forests, Lago-Naki plateau caves, magic Altai and other wonderful places?

This portal was founded to break stereotypes and tell about the expanse and beauty of our country, the largest in the world. It is not the task for the government or travel agencies. We are active, curious and thoughtful and this is our task to share interesting, famous and not very well known places, events, share our traditions and complexities, share useful information for tourists. To help travelers make their trips in Russia simpler, more robust and secure.


Daria Kurochkina - founder of the project. The project idea was born a few years ago and tenderly nurtured till the point where it would be possible to implement it. And this moment is Now. Daria follows a master program in computer science. Also she is an active travel and organizes bicycle and car trips.

Andrew Neprokin - the best programmer and the kindest person. When he heard the idea, immediately agreed to participate. This web site, the heart of the project, is his work.

Anastasia Zhukova - polyglot, logistician and crazy traveler from Vladivostok, who currently lives in St. Petersburg. Nastia is a bike girl and the chief creator of articles.

Writers, translators and editors are our friends, and those who have become our friends after the start of the project. This is the most important people for the project, because they decide what to write about and what to share with foreign travelers. Your help and support are the lifeblood of Unknown Russia.


You - travelers who know and have seen more than anyone else, and who want to share information about the unknown and interesting places, events and history.

You - travelers who want to find new opportunities and ideas for future adventures.

You - polyglots who are interested in the project, and who knows languages better than we do ​​(including Russian).

You - foreign tourists, self-organized and not very, who love, respect, or simply interested in Russia.

You - just wonderful people who care about the reputation of our country and who are interested in our project.

Whoever you are - welcome to the Unknown Russia project

Contact us: info@runknown.com

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