A fire in a skyscraper Grozny, Chechnya

03.04.2013 - the 40 floors skyscraper 'Grozny City' is in fire

a fire in a skyscraper

03.04.2013 18:15 - a fire started in the skyscraper Olimp in the complex 'Grozny City' (Grozny, Chechen Republc). The skyscraper has 40 floors and 145 meters in height.

It took more than 7 hours to remove totally the fire which covered more than 18 000 square meters. Prime Minister of Chechnya Ruslan Edelgeriev reported that the fire spread just outside and supporting structures were not damaged.

a fire in Grozny City

The head of Chechen Republc Ramzan Kadyrov wrote in his Instagram: "The fire occurred on the will of God, and against his will, we are powerless,".

"Most importantly, praise Allah, there were no casualties. To no resident of the Chechen Republic has to suffered even a little finger, I will sacrifice any building, and do everything possible for it!" - Kadyrov said.

"With the help of God we will restore the building, which will be much more beautiful and better than the previous one, using the latest technologies, and it will be located next to the beautiful complex of high-rise buildings of Grozny City 2", - the head of Chechnya.

Grozny City today

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