Teletskoye Lake, Altai Mountains

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Telecom lake is the fifth in the list of the deepest lakes in Russia, as well as included in the World Heritage Site.

Grandfather Altai

Teletskoye Lake is located in the northeast of the Altai Mountains, at the junction with West Sayan ridge. Mirror Lake is located at an altitude of 436 m. From the North Lake Ridge TOPOT low limits, and to the west and south-west ridges Altyntu, Sumultinsky and Iolgo with altitudes of 2000-2500 m. To the east lie the ridges Corbu and Abakan, from the south to the lake abuts the edge of a vast Chulyshman Highlands.

Title Teletskoe (Telesskoe, Telezhskoe) lake was about 400 years ago by Russian explorers, because on its shores inhabited Altai tribes called themselves Teleses (Teleuts). Indigenous peoples from time immemorial called him Altyn Kol, Golden Lake. Mongols called Lake Altyn-Nord, in the Chinese geography it is known as the Altai or art.

Grandfather Altai

The greatest depth of -325 meters, this is the fifth deepest lake in Russia.

To the lake flows into the lake about 70 rivers and 150 temporary streams. The main part (70%) comes from the river Chulyshman, in the southern part of the lake. The lake is the source of one of the major rivers smyh Gorny Altai - Biya River (up to 98% drain), which merges with the famous river Katun, form the greatest Siberian river Ob. The shores of Lake Teletskoye almost everywhere steep and precipitous gorges cut are picturesque bays. There are two large bay: Kamginsky and located within kyginski that are natural spawning grounds for fish living in the lake. The north and south ends Teletskoye wide plёsami.

Interesting fact: In the valley of Lake Teletskoye winds, which locals call "verkhovka" and "Nizovka." "Verkhovka" - a warm wind from the south of the valley Chulyshman. On the surface of the lake waves rise more than a meter in height, can turn the small boats, and set dry, clear and warm weather. "Verkhovka" often occurs early in the morning. In the summer the wind stops to 2-3 hours a day in autumn and winter can blow up to two weeks. "Nizovka" - a north wind that blows from the valley of the river Biya and brings cold snap, fog, heavy rainfall, thunderstorms.

Grandfather Altai

The climate in the valley of Lake Teletskoye continental, and in the opposite ends of climatic characteristics differ from each other. For example, in the southern part of the lake Teletskoye average of 4-5 degrees warmer, but in the northern part of the falls twice as much rainfall. In winter, part of the village of Lake Teletskoye Artybash to Cape Aji (more narrow and shallow) covered with ice, and a deep, covered with ice and again gapes wormwood up to three times over the winter. Ice on teletskoye clean and transparent, and near the coast clear view bottom at a depth of 5-6 meters.

Grandfather Altai

On the shores of Lake Teletskoye are three major settlements: the village and Artybash Iogach, on the western shore of the lake, which are actually a settlement, but are separated by a bridge over the river Biya. Located on the north coast village Yaylyu, which can be reached or Teletskoye Lake or SUV on a rural road. The village is located central manor of Altai State Nature Reserve (AGPZ). On the shores of the lake are Teletskoje cordons: Bele, Chiri, Baygazan, Kamga, Kokshe, Chelyush, Koldor, Izhon. Usually referred to as cordons relatively flat place near the mouth of the rivers flowing into the lake on which can be built houses and outbuildings.

Eastern part of the lake and the territory to the borders with the neighboring regions of the Russian Federation takes Altai State Nature Reserve AGPZ Altai Republic, which was founded April 16, 1932. The reserve area 881,238 hectares, including part of the waters of Lake Teletskoye - 11757 hectares. The reserve is located on the territory of Turachakskiy Ulagan and districts of the republic of Altai.

Grandfather Altai

Teletskoye Lake - one of the best known and most visited tourist destinations in the Altai Mountains. Vacation at Lake Teletskoye offer hostels, resorts, campsites, hotels and private guest houses, which are often called the estate. On lake water tourist routes are the most popular of which is the waterfall Corbu, located on the eastern shore of Lake Teletskoye in the territory AGPZ. In the vicinity of the lake are held cycling, air and road trips. In the Altai reserve are special ecological routes for natural objects such as: Chichelgansky zigzag Belinskaya terrace, waterfalls Corbu, the Basque Country, and Kokshe Uchar rapids.

Since 1998, Teletskoye Lake is a World Heritage Site and is a program for the development of the Altai-Sayan region "Altai - Golden Mountains".


Source: Teletskoe-ozero.rf

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