"Barneo" is a Russian research station on the North Pole

An ordinary Norwegian wedding took place in an unusual place - on the North Pole.

2014-04-06 13:24:48Z   Oilfox     2014-04-07 10:53:49Z   Oilfox

A Russian with a Czech Passport

A brief story of a foreigner who found in Russia his homeland...

2014-03-24 10:27:08Z   Jaromir     2014-03-25 08:22:39Z   Jaromir

Rebirth of Homo Sovieticus

2014-03-21 12:28:55Z   Алина Полуйкова     2014-03-22 08:44:17Z   i-Kirby

Protection-Dolls from Altai Golden Mountains

Protection-Dolls, putted in the house above the head of people, protect the family from evil spirit, quarrel, diseases. It must bring to the family welfare, health, joy.

2013-11-19 17:25:11Z   i-Kirby     2014-03-31 14:11:30Z   TEST

First trans-Russia and Siberia Rock Climbing Expedition 03-10 2015

Climb and explore Siberia- the Land of Beauty!

2013-11-19 13:33:50Z   i-Kirby     2013-11-19 14:37:06Z   i-Kirby

The interactive exhibition-forum "Orthodox Russia. The House of Romanov " in Moscow

For three centuries of the reign of the House of Romanov Russia had gone through many events: the development of Siberia and the Far East, reunion of Russia and the Ukraine, the establishment of a new capital – St.-Petersburg, the victory over Napoleon and the Swedes, the abolition of the serfdom.

2013-11-16 15:34:18Z   Oilfox     2014-05-01 04:21:04Z   Oilfox

Autoexpedition The Great Silk Route

VITA est VIA. Life is road. VIA est VITA. Road is life. 9 countries, 31,245 km, 67 days

2013-11-15 15:39:46Z   i-Kirby     2013-11-19 15:53:22Z   i-Kirby

Russia and South Korea sign Visa-Free agreement

In January 2014, Russia and South Korea will switch to visa-free travel regime.

2013-11-13 21:36:25Z   i-Kirby     2013-11-13 21:48:51Z   i-Kirby

Journey of the Italians in Russia

One of the friends of Lorenzo told, that he had reached Lake Baikal by hitchhiking for five days, and we had decided to follow to his example.

2013-10-25 09:34:34Z   Oilfox     2014-02-28 07:18:18Z   Oilfox

Forums for talented youth from Russia

Participants of the Forum, that showed the best results, had got the trip to Baikonur Cosmodrome on the launch of a spacecraft.

2013-09-09 16:17:58Z   Oilfox     2014-04-01 13:18:24Z   Oilfox

Tadpoles peeling

Tadpoles peeling - the secret of northern beauty.

2013-08-06 18:05:43Z   i-Kirby     2013-10-27 22:19:19Z   i-Kirby

International aerospace salon MAKS-13

You may do the flight on the fighter MIG-29, but it is a very expensive entertainment.

2013-08-04 09:50:19Z   Oilfox     2014-02-25 06:58:52Z   Oilfox

I am allergic to Moscow people

Oh! Leningrad! A wonderful city! Held there fees to Pulkovo long time ago. If have a good people. Not like from Moscow. I'm allergic to Moscow people! I do not like them. They are evil! And you have decent people.

2013-08-02 18:48:56Z   i-Kirby     2013-10-27 22:22:01Z   i-Kirby

The Russian naval holiday

Vsevolod Rudnev had gotten the award of Japan for the courage. He had acted as a real Samurai in the opinion of the Japanese.

2013-07-31 18:35:12Z   Oilfox     2014-05-06 04:44:29Z   Oilfox

The fire in the main tele-center of Russia Ostankino

"The building was smoggy, fire, given the number four of the five-point scale," - said a source in the Moscow law enforcement.

2013-07-30 19:08:42Z   i-Kirby     2013-11-19 18:26:42Z   i-Kirby

Freestyle- Motocross in Samara

Freestyle motocross is a sport, in which sportsmen jump on the motorbikes from the springboards, they perform acrobatic stunts in the flight

2013-07-27 10:07:32Z   Oilfox     2014-02-26 06:37:23Z   Oilfox

Celestial Fair - 2013

July, 5th the participants of the festival of aeronautics «A Celestial Fair» made a flight through the border between Europe and Asia

2013-07-25 14:42:53Z   Oilfox     2014-03-27 10:23:11Z   Oilfox

Pskovavia connects Saint-Petersburg and Pskov

Pskovavia is a passenger and cargo airline based in Pskov, Russia. It operates international and domestic charter passenger and cargo services as well as regular scheduled flights between Pskov, Moscow and Saint-Petersburg. Its main base is Pskov Airport.

2013-07-24 13:06:25Z   i-Kirby     2013-11-19 18:31:06Z   i-Kirby

Christian Dior on the Red Square 2013

On July 9 the Red Square in Moscow has become a real global podium. There's a fashion show of fall-winter collection of one of the most famous and titled fashion houses in the world Christian Dior.

2013-07-10 09:33:44Z   i-Kirby     2013-07-10 10:08:03Z   i-Kirby

Christian Dior in Red Square 2013

July 9 Red Square in Moscow turned into a real world podium. There was a show of autumn-winter collection of one of the most famous and titled fashion houses in the world of Christian Dior.

2013-07-10 09:27:48Z   i-Kirby     2014-03-04 22:59:57Z   i-Kirby

The World Summer Universiade-2013

The World Summer Universiade-2013 - the «Excellence in mind and body».

2013-07-10 09:23:48Z   Oilfox     2014-05-01 04:43:57Z   Oilfox

The throw to the East

Journey Peter Sakhalin-Moscow by car, 100 cities, 75 days, 30 000 km.

2013-07-08 20:55:15Z   i-Kirby     2013-07-10 19:13:54Z   i-Kirby

Wild Nature of Russia

National Geographic - Russia and the Russian Geographic Society announced the beginning of the new photo competition.

2013-07-08 20:00:19Z   i-Kirby     2013-07-08 20:02:33Z   i-Kirby

Feast of the Trinity in Gatchina 2013

The announcement of the holiday "Feast of the Trinity in Gatchina" was promising of "Fried eggs will be giving for limericks".

2013-07-07 17:22:11Z   i-Kirby     2013-07-08 18:56:50Z   i-Kirby


Moscow City Racing has become one of the most important sporting events for the Russian fans.

2013-07-05 18:53:24Z   Oilfox     2014-03-03 07:33:09Z   Oilfox

The International Maritime Defence Show, in St. Petersburg

The International Maritime Defense Show is one of the leading exhibitions in shipbuilding and naval armaments.

2013-07-04 20:15:49Z   Oilfox     2014-04-02 10:24:13Z   Oilfox

Shannon - Secret Agent?

Is Russia a Xenophobic Nation?

2013-07-03 17:19:32Z   peacetraveler22     2013-07-04 14:15:10Z   i-Kirby

Add the Color

We want to change the environment of the city around us. We want to add the colors to our everyday life. How? We painting houses and walls, transformed substations.

2013-07-02 18:46:36Z   i-Kirby     2013-07-02 18:51:34Z   i-Kirby

Rammstein in Shiryaevo

Grigory Orlov was the favorite of Catherine II. Orlov and his brother accompanied empress during her journey along the Volga from Tver to Simbirsk in 1767. Empress gave him the village Shiryaevo. And since 1768, these lands became part of the estate of Count Orlov-Davydov.

2013-06-29 13:40:02Z   Oilfox     2014-02-26 07:18:42Z   Oilfox

White Night's Dream 2013

On the night of 22 to 23 June in the interiors of the Palace of Nicholas was one of the most vibrant and colorful events of summer 2013 - a masquerade ball, "White Night's Dream"

2013-06-26 14:22:16Z   i-Kirby     2013-06-26 14:25:19Z   i-Kirby

New stars of Internet

Their video clip is the most popular in Youtube.

2013-06-26 09:11:12Z   Oilfox     2014-02-25 10:20:43Z   Oilfox

Scarlet Sails 2013

The sailing ship with scarlet sails is a symbol of execution of all desires.

2013-06-25 08:10:52Z   Oilfox     2014-03-11 04:21:12Z   Oilfox

First photo-set of Baby liligers in Novosibirsk

The liliger is a hybrid cross between a male lion (Panthera leo) and a ligress (Panthera leo × Panthera tigris). The first hybrid was born at the Novosibirsk Zoo.

2013-06-24 21:07:37Z   i-Kirby     2013-06-24 21:07:37Z   i-Kirby

"Seagull" in cosmos.

"Hey! Sky, take off your hat!! I go!.. "

2013-06-23 06:03:03Z   Oilfox     2014-03-07 05:09:04Z   Oilfox

Festival "Western outpost" and "Medieval fairy tale" 2013

The strongest and bravest knights arrived to the fest from different cities of Russia.

2013-06-20 16:52:37Z   Oilfox     2014-05-01 04:30:23Z   Oilfox

Fairy-tale Map of Russia

Social project Fairy-tale Map of Russia is created to combine all information available on the museums, estates and residences of all characters of Russian fairy-tales and legends.

2013-06-20 15:40:09Z   i-Kirby     2013-06-20 15:40:09Z   i-Kirby

New cable car in Sheregesh

In October 2013 the new cable car will be finished and ready for upcoming winter season.

2013-06-20 14:06:39Z   i-Kirby     2013-06-20 14:11:00Z   i-Kirby

Rally Peking-Paris in Samara

Participants decided to support a young couple, they started to applaud, whistle and make noise, because among them there were young people who got married in Yekaterinburg during the motocross.

2013-06-18 18:53:37Z   Oilfox     2014-02-28 06:01:10Z   Oilfox

Helicopter expedition Russia 360

Russia 360 is a unique event – there were nothing like that neither in the history of aviation, nor in the modern history of Russia. Even though that’s a private project, the expedition will be an important and interesting event in 2013 in Russia.

2013-06-18 13:54:32Z   i-Kirby     2013-11-05 18:48:40Z   i-Kirby

New Russian fighter T-50

Quite, fast, powerful - new Russian fighter T-50.

2013-06-13 14:02:31Z   i-Kirby     2013-06-13 16:11:01Z   i-Kirby

Russian Sugar - family stories and traditions

Family - it's amazing, irreplaceable, and complex organism. This is the closest people, the traditions we pass on from generation to generation, funny, sad, stupid, naive, or simply edifying stories of life. They warm us with their kindness and unselfishness, and help to move on. The mission of the brand "Russian Sugar" - to find and share with all of the largest possible number of your family history!

2013-06-12 17:06:13Z   i-Kirby     2013-06-12 17:09:18Z   i-Kirby

Father’s day is the most important holiday in the world

At the end of the action the participants will make a statement to Russian President about creation a new holiday - Father’s day.

2013-06-11 18:19:25Z   Oilfox     2014-02-25 09:57:09Z   Oilfox

Historic Bike Ride 2013 in Sokolniki, Moscow

On 9th of June 2013, for the first time the "Historic Bike Ride" was held in a Moscow park "Sokolniki".

2013-06-11 12:47:23Z   i-Kirby     2013-06-11 12:47:24Z   i-Kirby

Festival ”Rock above Volga“

About 700 thousand spectators visited the biggest in Europe Rock Concert.

2013-06-10 16:58:56Z   Oilfox     2014-05-01 05:05:44Z   Oilfox

Caucasus region in photos of Sergey Baranov

2013-05-28 10:19:26Z   i-Kirby     2013-05-28 10:19:26Z   i-Kirby

Egor N - Coffee time

Very beautiful photo series, which capture the beauty of splashes and sprays of milk.

2013-05-28 07:33:36Z   i-Kirby     2013-06-11 21:06:53Z   i-Kirby

Night concert in the Moscow metro 2013

Music, night and metro.

2013-05-25 10:50:19Z   i-Kirby     2013-05-25 10:50:20Z   i-Kirby

Art hostels in both capitals

Art, creativity, and hospitality are three words which can present the network of hostels Narnia in St. Petersburg and Moscow.

2013-05-25 09:57:51Z   i-Kirby     2013-05-25 09:57:51Z   i-Kirby

Cyclist Cat from Krasnoyarsk

Two friend on one bicycle.

2013-05-21 08:58:48Z   i-Kirby     2013-05-24 17:09:59Z   i-Kirby

First Heliport in Moscow

Fly to work, don't care about traffic jams, use heli taxi!

2013-05-17 12:50:35Z   i-Kirby     2013-05-17 12:50:36Z   i-Kirby

Collection dolls from Kazan

Hand-made collection dolls from two sisters from Kazan.

2013-04-25 07:48:19Z   i-Kirby     2013-05-24 17:10:15Z   i-Kirby

dancing Saint Petersburg 3

Dancing city Saint-Petersburg

2013-04-21 14:35:57Z   i-Kirby     2013-05-24 17:10:24Z   i-Kirby

dancing Saint Petersburg 2

Dancing city Saint-Petersburg

2013-04-21 14:33:01Z   i-Kirby     2013-05-24 17:10:42Z   i-Kirby

new Russian helicopter on the land of Franz Joseph

2013-04-17 12:00:38Z   i-Kirby     2013-04-17 22:39:09Z   i-Kirby

dancing Saint Petersburg

dancing city Dance-Petersburg

2013-04-15 22:37:18Z   i-Kirby     2013-05-24 17:10:58Z   i-Kirby

St. Petersburg Roof Music Fest

Music in the air. Concert on the roof.

2013-04-07 15:23:10Z   i-Kirby     2013-05-25 11:17:27Z   i-Kirby

One day travel card in Moscow

02.04.2013 - one day ticket for all public transport in Moscow.

2013-04-06 14:16:07Z   i-Kirby     2013-04-06 16:00:55Z   i-Kirby

Your baggage can be checked on the train station

2013-04-05 01:21:26Z   i-Kirby     2013-04-06 13:25:59Z   i-Kirby

Skiing in bikini - Guinness record

20th of April at 12-00 around 700 skiers and snowboarders broke the Guinness record.

2013-04-05 01:06:31Z   i-Kirby     2013-04-23 08:56:00Z   i-Kirby

A fire in a skyscraper Grozny, Chechnya

03.04.2013 - the 40 floors skyscraper 'Grozny City' is in fire

2013-04-04 14:22:06Z   i-Kirby     2013-06-24 15:01:07Z   i-Kirby

Russia and Bosnia and Herzegovina plan to sign an agreement on visa-free travel

In the nearest future citizens of Russia and Bosnia and Herzegovina will not need a visa to visit each others' country.

2013-03-23 09:37:15Z   i-Kirby     2013-04-05 22:34:34Z   andrew

Snow Apocalypse in Kamchatka

2013-03-20 12:31:16Z   i-Kirby     2013-07-03 21:25:01Z   i-Kirby