Pechora-Ilych Nature Reserve

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The biggest and almost untouched by man natural area is located in the Komi Republic. Territory recognized as the only place in Europe that preserves pristine wilderness.

Republic is located far from large industrial facilities and is easily accessible to the active visit. In some areas of the countryside can only be reached on skis, boats or horses.

Unique forests of the Komi Republic are divided into two natural areas: national park called "Yugyd Va" and the unique Pechora-Ilych reserve zone.

Natural Russian Pechora-Ilych Nature Reserve was established in 1930. Location - the western part of the Northern Urals. Its area reaches 721.3 thousand. Ha.

On the plateau is Manpupuner attraction of the park - picturesque stone pillars. As a result of sudden changes in temperature and moisture effect, rocks have undergone slow destruction. This is how bizarre outliers, similar in appearance to the stone sculptures of Easter Island.

In the park originates large Pechora River. In a clean, uncontaminated by industrial wastes River, home to a variety of fish species. Among them: the pike, whitefish, perch, white salmon, broad whitefish, toothless, but dangerous fish asp. Catching salmon in the Pechora River is prohibited.

Over 70 years in the reserve has a program on the domestication of moose. First it was thought that these hardy, undemanding animals can serve people as a vehicle. From the implementation of this idea was abandoned with the advent of snowmobiles. Today, the work on the domestication of moose continues. The study found that moose milk has useful medicinal properties.

In 1994, the reserve was founded Yugyd Va. The name means "light water". Its area is 1891.7 thousand. Ha. It is among the largest protected parks in Russia and the largest arrays in Europe. Attraction of the park is Mount Bell Tower and Mount Saber. Among the tourists are very popular and turbulent rivers Kozhim Shchugor. The highest point of the Urals is located in the park Yugyd Va. It is about the mountain People whose height reaches 1,896 meters.

Pearl reserve recognized mountain Manaraga having six vertices. In the mountains, there are 38 glaciers. The most famous glacier Hoffmann, located on a ridge Sabre. The reserve contains more than 800 mountain lakes: Trade, perch, lake Balbanty.

Komi Forests shelter many species of birds and animals. Among the fauna, there are about 40 species of mammals: the brown bear, wild boar, lynx, Reindeer, wolf, sable and others. More than 200 species of birds. The most rare of their representatives: gyrfalcon, white-tailed eagle, osprey, peregrine falcon, golden eagles, large owls, ptarmigan, grouse and capercaillie.

World of local flora includes 600 species of beautiful and rare plants. Among them: Woodsia alpina, a real shoe and spotted shiverekiya Kuznetsova, peony, pink Rhodiola. These plants are noted in the Red Book of Russia.

To protect the unique natural array primeval forests of the Komi Republic, the territory of the reserve is prohibited, industrial production, and any activity that provides threat to the ecosystem of the parks. From the safety of the mighty forests of the Republic depends on the health of the planet.

Visit Manpupuner plateau in 2015 it will be possible from mid-June to mid-September according to schedule a visit. Schedule a Visit groups along the route "Ust-kicks - Plateau Manpupuner" for 2015 will be posted on the website of the reserve. Accepting applications for a visit to the plateau Manpupuner in 2015 on the proposed form will be carried out from 1 February.

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