Lake Senezh

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The lake is actually a reservoir formed during the construction of the Catherine Canal between the rivers and Sister Istra, launched in 1826. The aim was to build a canal from the Volga shipping stone for the construction of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow.

Senezh (Senezhskaya Lake) - Lake in the Moscow region, on the Klin-Dmitrov Ridge. Water system (pool): Sister River → → Dubna River Volga River → Caspian Sea;

The lake area - 8.51 sq. km. The average depth of the reservoir three meters fifty centimeters. The deepest place on the site where the river Sister water level increased, thanks to platinum. In place of the flooding of the river Masih distance to the bottom comes up to four and a half meters. This part of the lake is separated from the main Reach underwater ridge, where the maximum depth of two meters. The same level of water throughout (three hundred hectare) coastal line covered and under water, and the water all kinds of vegetation.

The length of the coast - twenty kilometers. The lake has an irregular shape: its two Gulf stretched along the river valleys and Sisters Masih. From the south into the lake several streams. Muddy bottom of the lake, near the dam - Sandy. Coast to the west and the east - the sublime, in the south of the low-lying, marshy. North Shore formed artificial dike length of 1.5 km.
In the south and east of the pond former riverbeds and Sister Masih become a huge bays with muddy bottoms. At the confluence of the nurse in the lake are the islands (two hectares), bearing the name of the Crimson. Next to them, somewhere in half a kilometer radius are places covered with driftwood down. Also in the lake large thickets of pondweed, which feeds on fish, and experienced fishermen take this into account while searching for a place for fishing.

Water resources lake fills up the river and the river Sister Masih, as well as a few streams and keys.

Later, unable to compete with the open in 1861 Nikolaev railway, canal was abandoned. After the closing of navigation on the canal, wood and stone, of which were built gateways were sold at a low price. Local merchant Samohvalov built the best of them in the solar Woe building, the one which now houses the Education Committee. Now Catherine Canal is a overgrown, swampy creek, about which little is known even by locals.
At the end of the XIX century, Baron Knopp arranged at the dam lake in the suburbs first hydroelectric power plant with capacity of 50 kW. In 1950, for the passage of tanks to the military unit dam was filled up and expanded, waterworks concreted. Because disappeared from the lake bottom drain (water could be poured only through the dam), deteriorated water exchange in the lake, and it has become overgrown and silt.

In 2004, for the study of model projects of small power dam reservoir almost restored hydropower plant Baron Knopp, built idle wind small hydropower plants, consisting of two hydraulic units 5 kW and 45 kW power engineering production of Chekhov plant and one wind turbine 10 kW design NIIES RAO "UES of Russia" .

The name of the lake was the lake of glacial origin, which is now one of the bays in the southern part of the reservoir, referred to as the Old SENEZH. According to another version, the name of the favorite horse of Catherine II - Seneschal formed the basis of the lake's name Senezh.

Located on Lake Solnechnogorsk. Along the perimeter of the lake and is located near the following settlements: Vertlino, Gigirёvo, Zagorje, Osipova, Redin, Senezh Talaeva, Timonovo. From the lake was named Senezh railway platform. Senezh - a popular holiday destination, fishing, windsurfing and kitesurfing.

In honor of the lake in 1964 was named one of the streets of Moscow. In the summer of 1898 in the estate Olenins Bogorodskoe lived near Lake Senezh Russian painter Isaac Levitan, here was written by his latest film "The Lake. Russ." On old maps also called Lake Senezhskaya-GUSCHINA.

Along the coast grow cane, cane and other plants. Hardest overgrown south-eastern part of the lake, the least - the north-east. Abundant vegetation gives a lot of organic matter in sediments, which leads to a decrease in the oxygen content in the bottom water layer.

In the lake are bream, roach, pike, carp, perch, tench, ruff largest in the suburbs, reaching 300 g, silver and gold carp, eel, pike and even bull. Here are the most favorable conditions for the reproduction of bream and roach, which predominate in the catches.



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Address: Moscow Oblast, Солнечногорский район, городское поселение Солнечногорск
Coordinates: 56.2013568522372; 37.0046997070312
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