Lake Lama

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Lama - the largest freshwater lake in the Krasnoyarsk region, about 120 kilometers east of Norilsk; tectonic origin.

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The length of the lake - 80 kilometers and a maximum width - 8, area - 318 square meters. km. Lake differs great depth (over 300 meters in some places, possibly up to 600 meters), clean water, and its low temperature. On the banks of the lake there are high mountains 400-600 meters or more. Lama Lake connects to Lake shallow river Lama.

Spring rise in water level begins even during the freeze-up. In the first half of June, there are the first movements of the ice. In mid-July, the water level reaches the maximum level, and in early November, the lake is covered with ice. The thickness of the ice on Lame is from 80 centimeters to one meter.

The duration of ice cover is from 200 to 220 days.

The name of the lake comes from the Tungus-Manchurian word "Laamu" - sea, ocean or Evenki "Lama" - the sea, the big water.

On the map of Asian Russia, published in 1911 by the Russian General Staff, Lama shows very tentatively, far from the real shape, and is called Lake Davydovo, although the name was not familiar with the locals.

Lake Lama was first reliably mapped Urvantsev Nicholas and his colleague Bazanov during Norilsk expedition of 1921.

Unique in its beauty, untouched by civilization nature of the Lake Lama is attractive for tourism and recreation.

In the summer from the pier on the river Valyok Norilsk depart every Friday Waterbuses delivered to passengers on weekend recreation, located on the banks of the Lama. The path along the rivers Norilsk, Talaya across the lake is shallow, the lake and the river Lama Lama takes about five hours. Way back - about three hours.

From Lake Lama River Kapchuk (located near the peninsula Stone on which the recreation center) you can climb into the lake Kapchuk.

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