Khantayskoye lake - the third deepest lake Russia

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Hantayskogo depth of the lake is 420 meters, giving this parameter only in Russia and the Caspian Sea, Lake Baikal.

Khantayskoye Lake - a lake in the south of the Taimyr Peninsula in the Krasnoyarsk region of Russia. In some sources also mentioned under the name Kutarmo and Big Hantayskogo.

Water system (pool): Small lake Khantayskoye Hantayka → → → Yenisei Kara Sea;

The lake is about 80 km, width - 25 km, the area - 822 square meters. km. Located in the south-western outskirts of the plateau tableland, in a narrow glacial valley-tectonics. Khantayskoye (DMN height = 65.8 m) wide and is connected by short channels with small lake Khantayskoye whose level is 65.2 m (DMN). Small Khantayskoye is the source of the river Hantayka, right tributary of the Yenisei. The lake has an elongated shape, elongated in the latitudinal direction. Small lake Khantayskoye (area 58 sq. Km) - small, rugged coast. Khantayskoye Lake is a natural flow regulator Khantaiskaya HPP.

The area of ​​the lake is located above the Arctic Circle, in the climatic zone tundra and forest tundra, widespread permafrost. The lake and its surroundings were investigated expeditions AA Sotnikova in 1915 and NN Urvantseva in 1919.

Power glacial lake. The lake freezes in mid-October, opened in mid-June.

Small national settlement Khantayskoye lake lies just west of the mouth of the river Hakancha. And from the west village limits deep jutting out into the Gulf coast. Thus, the village is located on the peninsula. Here live mainly Dolgan and Evenki. About half a thousand inhabitants.

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Thought the fish serves as the traditional occupation of the inhabitants of the whole village, which is located on the shores of beautiful Lake Hantayskogo. As a result of hard work in the 2006 Master fishing village received awards honored, as well as greetings from the city and district leadership. In general, fishing in this lake is still quite fruitful and interesting. To a large extent the fishermen returned home with a fairly good catch.

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Since the District location Hantayskogo Small lake is above the Arctic Circle, there reigns a harsh cold climate. On the shores of the lake stretches taiga and waters abound with fish resources. The water temperature in the warmest months does not rise above 11 degrees.

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