El'gygytgyn - Crater Lake in Chukotka

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El'gygytgyn means "white lake" or "nerazmerzaemoe lake." Given the harsh climate of Chukotka, "name", which gave the lake, it is not surprising. El'gygytgyn only in summer free of ice covering the water surface. However, this does not happen every year.


The lake water is brackish, and its average temperature of about 3 degrees Celsius. As a rule, ten months of the year, the lake is tight El'gygytgyn ice cover, even in the month of June there are areas of the reservoir, where the ice more than two-meter mark.

The lake is filled with water the deepening of the earth's surface formed about 3.6 million years ago. The main hypothesis of the origin claim that it is a shock (this version is most popular), or volcanic crater.


With the arrival of warm June ice covering the lake begins to melt. Until September, coming to the pond tourists, scientists and fishermen can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the surrounding area, crystal clear blue of cold water, as well as to see rare species of fish that are not often seen in the waters of the country. El'gygytgyn deep lake. There are places where the depth reaches 175 meters, and the total area of ​​the reservoir is 120 square kilometers.

The origin of the lake is still a mystery, but what is surprising is that its shape perfectly round. There are several theories as to this fact. According to one version, the lake was formed by meteorite. Also, there is speculation that El'gygytgyn lake located in the crater of an ancient volcano.

Pond is located in a secluded area. To him there are no roads, and there are no near settlements. The indigenous people, the most approximate settlements, there are on the lake, say that the water is incredibly clear and transparent, and the boat, walking on it, as if on thin glass slides.

Water clarity is impressive. Bottom of the reservoir is easily visible at a distance of 15 meters and drifting fish are clearly visible. Surprisingly, contrary to the laws of physics, the lower layers of the upper water is warmer, and the body of water, despite the low temperature of the water is rich in various species of fish, including several rare species of grayling.


Lake El'gygytgyn shrouded in legends and superstitions. They say that it lives a huge monster - fish gigantic proportions. From time to time, strange creature impressive size with noise bursts to the surface through the water surface, and then immediately disappears in the deep waters of the lake. The indigenous people prefer to stay away from the lake, believing him dead spot and not wanting to self-fulfilling prophecy for yourself and your family. There is also a belief that once lived on the lake shaman who led a solitary life, and he did not like it when distracted by trivialities. His head was made of ice, and he does not like it when strangers came to him, and angry, he could send down a terrible deadly diseases to worry him.

Repeated loss of people go fishing on the lake, confirm the fears of the residents of nearby settlements incomprehensible devilry associated with this place.

Scientists first came to the lake El'gygytgyn at the beginning of the XX century, described him as a strange, eerie place, and at night it is especially terrible, even shiver sneaks from the oppressive state stay near it. But this fact does not interfere with scientific expeditions to study this pond for several decades. Answers to many questions have already been received, but most of them, at the moment, and have remained a mystery.

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