Deep-sea diving center on Lake Tserik-Kel

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According to legend, the depression formed in the fall of the dragon, the fallen hero fabulous Nart epic Batraz. Dragon is at the bottom of the lake and fills with tears.

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Tserik Kul Lake is located in Cherek district of Kabardino-Balkaria near the village at an altitude of 809 Kashkhatau meters above sea level. Its length is less than three hundred meters, and the depth is 258 meters. This lake is one of the ten deepest lakes in Russia and Europe.

Tserik-Kel included in the group of 5 karst blue lakes of Kabardino-Balkaria. The lake has a greenish-blue color, and sometimes azure. The water temperature throughout the year is 9 ° C, so the lake never freezes.

On the lake was built only in Russia Centre deep diving , where divers prepare to dive varying degrees of complexity, but get to the lower layers of the lake could not be anyone yet.

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Legend has it that on the bottom of the lake buried treasure Temirlan. The biggest mystery remains unsolved lake - no trickle do not fall into it, and the year it implies more than 6 million tons of water.

To the east of Lake Tserik-Nickel is a lake Kel - Ketchhen. Hollow Lake is a deep Pit cave with steep walls 177 m depth. At the bottom of the well is a pond area of ​​2500 square meters, a depth of 5 m. The origin of the Kel - Ketchhen similar in origin Tserikkel lake: it is the result of karst processes. Translated from the Balkar Kel - Ketchhen means lake flowed. According to legend, in the dry before the failure was a real lake with clear water. Once the mountains tremble and Lake Kel - Ketchhen disappeared under the bridge.

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The upper blue lakes to a depth of 17 m. All 4 Lake reported. In lakes, except the bottom, is found grass carp, carp, trout. In the Lower lake is only one representative fauna - crustacean Gumarus.

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