You don’t need Russian visa if…

Not always you need to make visa if you are going to visit Russia. Residences of some countries are able to visit Russia without visa at all. Everybody can come to Russia for short period without visa at all.

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Documents required for different types of visa

Just keep in mind that visa is one of the most bureaucratic processes in your trip to Russia and it’s always better to check for list of documents and all the requirements with local consulate or embassy in advance. The rest would be a lot easier. The list of documents which are required for the Russian visa application depends on the type of visa and the purpose of your visit.

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Pulkovo airport in Saint-Petersburg

Information about two terminals of Pulkovo airport in Saint-Petersburg. How to get, parking, transfer, buses, accessibility, taxi.

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Currency exchange in St. Petersburg

When you come to Russia the first important thing that you need to do is to get some rubles in cash. In this article we explain where to make exchange in St. Petersburg.

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Currency exchange in Russia

Each country has its own currency which makes travelling a little bit more complicated. Each traveler will need to exchange money to the local currency. Here's some tips on this issue.

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Types of Russian visa

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Russian visa

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Orthodox churches in Russia

If you see an old church even small one which looks really modest then you should know that it’s only outside view. Inside you can see really picturesque and magnificent decorations with icons, crosses and altar. In some there’re also saint items and there’re lots of pilgrims’ arriving each day. Before entering to the church you should know...

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