Discover Central Caucasus

Trekking from Balkaria to Digoria along the Rocky ridge. You should join this part of the trip to see the beautiful mountains and fill their wildness. That rout have not become popular yet and you will be one of the few who took this trekking. It will be rather intense, so that your body will thank you for the joy of physical activity in the fresh air.

Travel Ossetia. We will combine easy walks in the mountains with a dip in the traditional culture of the Ossetians: rural life, traditional feast, ancient shrines and ancestral towers. Last two days we will spend at the famous thermal springs above the Karmadon village.

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10 days trekking to the Golden Valley

Spend your holiday in the legendary The teeth of the Middle Kingdom and its amazing Golden Valley!

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Making eyes on Saint-Petersburg

On the run make a glance. Sun is still not warm. City is still as a sleepy cat. Slowly waking up...

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Music and Roofs of Saint-Petersburg

Feel the romantic of Saint-Petersburg's roofs with music.

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