Off-road fest GIRVAS in Karelia 2014

Organizers are pleased to invite you to the 6th auto-moto-festival "Girvas" 19th July 2014. "Girvas" is the largest avto-moto-festival in Karelia.

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Ecological expedition to the Bely Island (Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District)

If you are young and healthy and want to take part in large-scale project, improve the environment and save the fragile nature of the Far North, the organizers are happy to consider you and incorporate into the ranks of the environmental assault on the Bely Island.

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Ekaterinburg grandmothers are going to take part in the Wakeboarding Championship

Wakeboarding is a sport in which you have to slide on the surface of the water while standing on the board, doing various exercises.

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Off-road fest "GIRVAS" in Karelia 2013

The organizers are pleased to invite you to the 5-th automotofestival ”Girvas” 20-th of July 2013. “Girvas” is the biggest auto show in Karelia.

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The festival "Slavic Light" in Estonia

Folklore festival "Slavic Light" will take place from 12th till 14th of July 2013 in the Estonian town Jõhvi.

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Cartoons on the Troitsky Bridge

For the first time in history two cities simultaneously will show cartoons on wings of drawn bridges during international art-forum graFFFest.

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Festival of Ethnic Cultures "Water of Life" 2013

Festival of Ethnic Cultures "Water of Life" is the oldest festival in Russia which presents not only the traditional folk and ethnic musical performances, but also promotes the relevance of ethnic culture.

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Velo-concert "White Night" on Ladoga lake

Velo-concert on the island in the largest lake in Europe.

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The Fest "Night of Music in Gatchina" summer 2013

Scenic effects, that laid down in the score of the composer, symbolizing the glory of Russian arms and the power of the Russian spirit, will be embodied in the natural scenery of the Gatchina Palace : holiday bell ringing will flow directly from the bell tower of the palace, and the volleys of the cannons are going to sound together with the volleys of the holiday fireworks.

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Pillow Fight in Saint-Petersburg 2013

Want to act as a kid? Pillow Fight is already this weekend!

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Big summer water battlefield 2013

Come here if you are not scare and we will make attack you!

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Erdyn Games 2013 - ethno-cultural festival

Ethno-tourism is a possibility to explore the history and culture of the country. See amazing pictures of ancient festival.

2013-06-20 15:10:01Z   i-Kirby     2013-06-20 15:22:15Z   i-Kirby

World Childrens Cancer Winners Games 2013

Gift of Life is proud to welcome friends, spectators and all those who care to the IV World Children's Winners' Games, an athletic competition for childhood cancer survivors.

2013-06-14 08:16:18Z   i-Kirby     2013-06-14 08:16:19Z   i-Kirby

Baikal World Music Fest 2013

Ethnic music festival in a beautiful valley between mountain ranges of Sayan and Khamar Daban, the land of the hot springs and extinct volcanoes.

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Best outdoor cafes in Moscow (2013)

2013-06-06 09:01:47Z   penteada     2013-06-06 09:15:09Z   penteada

Rock Festival "Etnoplaneta"

2013-06-06 08:43:43Z   penteada     2013-06-06 22:02:05Z   i-Kirby

Equestrian Festival "MandroKon"

2013-06-06 08:34:39Z   penteada     2013-06-10 11:13:44Z   i-Kirby

International Festival of Street Theatre "Elagin Park"

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The first presentation of the wonderful ballet « Romeo and Juliet »

The Bolshoi Theater was founded in 1776 by the order of empress Ekaterina II.

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Hermitage archaeologists's expedition to Berezan island

There is an island in Black Sea called Berezan. It has rich history with roots deep, deep in ages. For the known long time it was owned by Greeks, Turks and Russians.

2013-05-30 13:42:06Z   nosuchip     2013-05-30 14:04:32Z   nosuchip

First in history live broadcast of the ballet in 3D

Want to see on of the best ballets in the World in cinema? Mariinsky Theater is coming to your city in 3D.

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One week of adventures in Karelia

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Isaborg - festival of early medieval culture

VI Festival of Early Medieval Culture "Isaborg".

2013-05-28 14:34:57Z   i-Kirby     2013-05-28 14:34:57Z   i-Kirby

Harp concert on the roof in St. Petersburg

Tonight the warm spring evening will be filled by a harp music. Olga Maximova will perform the electric harp concert on one of the roofs in St. Petersburg.

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Ysyakh 2013

Ysyakh - a wonderful summer holiday of unity of the Sakha people!

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Russians discovered Alaska

Russians discovered Alaska in 1732.

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Tweed Run 2013 in Saint-Petersburg

Second retro bike ride 'Tweed Run' will be held in St. Petersburg.

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Opening of the cycling season 2013 in St. Petersburg

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Holiday SvetoSharikov in St Petersburg

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Baikal Fishing-2013

Like ice-fishing? Like winter? Take a part in international competition "Baikal Fishing - 2013".

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Staraya Russa Baloon Festival 2013

2013-04-06 16:19:59Z   i-Kirby     2013-04-06 16:19:59Z   i-Kirby

Spring and summer in St Petersburg 2013

Most massive and spectacular events in St. Petersburg in the spring and summer of 2013.

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