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Keeps many secrets of our planet, gradually revealing their humanity. Not so long ago, in 1987, was found a rather unusual place, which is called the Arch. The settlement was discovered in the Chelyabinsk region archaeological expedition, and he accidentally found a student who was a member of the expedition.

Rather unusual story itself remains. There is a version that the historical monument found three times. At different times, under different circumstances settlements were cartographers, but for whatever reason archaeological value not given a value unknown. Notable for one moment, buildings were well visible from the air, but no one paid any attention to it, taking the unusual landscape of the area for some modern buildings. There are different views, but as far as all true is difficult to say.

What is so unusual about the discovery and the Arch stands out?

Differences, in fact, a lot. Interest is the type of settlement. Arch - a city in the truest sense of the word. You should know that our planet-urban settlements found not so much literally unit. According to the official version, the age of discoveries about four thousand years, which is comparable with the age of the pyramids in Egypt. Unusual form itself city. It is built radially and is a fortification. Such a plan ancient settlements found nowhere else. Curiously, in the southern Urals found other historical monuments, built on a similar project, and it seems that the plan of development of the territory has been worked out in detail. Ancient architects built the city in the complex. The bottom line is that the city was built at once, rather than gradually developed a small settlement. These archaeological finds have been called "Country towns."

Noteworthy progressive innovation and technology of the time. In the study of Arkaim, it was found that in the city there was a storm sewer. Precipitation drained, system channels, outside the city. Artifacts found, confirming a significant development of metallurgy and forging production, which is very unusual for those years.

Scientists continue to study this ancient monument. Opinions and theories are quite a few, but there are no official version. According to one of them, city, inter alia, acted as an observatory. This is evidenced precisely tuned astronomical and geographical location of the settlement. In addition, the arch has some similarities with Stonehenge in some respects, however, about the purpose of structures as astronomical laboratories, scientists have not reached a consensus. Assumptions about the city observatory built on circumstantial evidence.

The area where is located the ancient structure, in some circles is considered a "place of power." However, you can build only guess what the "power spots" where they are located and what their purpose. At the moment, these things are another mystery.

Residents of Arkaim, for unknown reasons, left it, and the city was burned. Researchers have not found that it helped. We only know that the city was destroyed by its population.

Many scholars have put forward a large number of versions of the disappearance of Arkaim, but there is no direct evidence. At the moment, the mystery of this ancient city is not disclosed.



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